Releasing his long-awaited album, After Hours, just 1 day shy of the 9 year anniversary of his debut mixtape, House of Balloons, The Weeknd is helping to make light of the heavy situation the world is currently facing (COVID-19) through the healing power of music.

Today, the R&B crooner re-introduces us to the enigmatic Abel Tesfaye we’ve been mesmerized with since 2011 with even more experimental sounds. Infusing ’80s synth pop with his his signature moody, lo-fi edge, he lays it all out there when it comes to his vices of drugs, sex, love & even heartbreak. 

When I write about albums I like, I typically highlight the tracks I vibe with the most, but where do I even begin with After Hours? No Skip Abel has done it once again and I must STAN an artist that is consistent throughout his body of work.

Each track flows nicely into the next, making it the perfect album to keep playing throughout these days spent at home.

Want to clean the house? Blinding Lights

Need to get some work done? Escape From LA

Whippin’ up your 9th meal of the day? Save Your Tears

Sexy time with bae? Too Late

In your feelings? Tracks 1-14

There’s a song for every one of your quarantine activities!

Besides for his incredibly raw, melancholic storytelling, one of the reasons why I consider this Canadian bred artist unmatched is because he doesn’t fall into making the same type of music as everyone else. He’s continuously evolving his sound on every single project, always keeps us guessing, but somehow manages to keep his nostalgic essence.

I invite you to immerse yourself into The Weeknd’s “brain melting psychotic chapter” to help keep you from losing your shit the next few weeks.

There’s beauty behind the madness After Hours.

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