Congrats…your UNORIGINALITY made me write this.

There is a lot of untapped talent in Puerto Rico-from singers, songwriters to designers and photographers but lately it seems there’s been more hype surrounded by the “mainstream” artists who undeniably are a copy & paste of those who have succeeded before them. Before I continue this post please allow me to make it clear that another person or brand’s success is NOT a blueprint for your own personal success-it doesn’t work that way, everyone’s circumstances are different and should be adapted to.

Now that I got that off my chest….I’ve been asked a lot recently why I haven’t kept up with my blog and to be honest the answer is simple, there hasn’t been anything music or fashion wise that has really inspired me to write about it. Sure there are certain drops of collections and singles that have caught my attention but the majority seem to be lacking one thing…ORIGINALITY.

Musically everything sounds the same, people have literally made music BORING now with their recycled bars and beats-sure,they may tweak a word or add in a sample but it’s essentially the same thing.

Fashion wise, it seems as though people are rushing the process and so eager to drive up hype that they get lazy and settle for recycling the same tired design for multiple seasons, stitch a few patches on the same cut short, blatantly copy the same color way & fit of other brands and to make matters worse…call themselves a Skate brand when they don’t even include skateboards in their collections!

I am all about shopping local and supporting brands born & bred in Puerto Rico but when the creativity is lacking and opportunities are being robbed of those who actually put in the hard work towards giving consumers an authentic product and experience that is where I draw the line and feel the need to call them out.

I have never been one to write a negative review/comment on my blog, I choose to only write about things that have inspired me in a positive way because lets be real, there is NO room for negativity/bad vibes in our lives but congrats guys! you’ve inspired me to do the unthinkable and write about how saturated and wack the industry has become.

On 3/17/19 I wrote the below in my notes…I never shared it in fear of touching a nerve & people saying “Who does she think she is?!” but it’s crazy to me how relevant it is even more now than when I wrote it…

Exposing You Subtly

People want to rock the name brand without paying the price tag…

People want to “live the life” while in debt to others…

People want to show love until it’s time to pay up…

People want to buy internationally instead of shopping locally…

The people that deserve the least get the most while the ones who work the hardest fight the toughest battles…

These likes, followers & filters are really messing with you mentally…

Strip away the superficial…you still vibin’ with your energy?

-thoughts from an observant enigma

If you’ve made it this far down in my post (thank you) I’m about to fill you in on what finally triggered me to write this.

One of my top favorite lifestyle brands is Aimé Leon Dore which is based out of Queens, New York. The About page on their site perfectly explains what they represent “ With a strong focus on simple yet powerful design, we are driven to create timeless work by portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely our own.” From their marketing, design and everything in between, they have become a stand out brand that has become inspiration to many.

Now, my problem is not that you draw inspiration from a brand, after all imitation is the highest form of flattery but my problem is when you literally copy their design, style and COLOR WAY, I mean.. come on if you’re going to copy them then the VERY LEAST you could do is switch up the colors!

Adidas wasn’t safe either…

Where is your brand identity?! Shit..where is your integrity?! How can you even THINK about posting photos of your “work” onto any social media platform knowing you outright did a copy and paste of someone else’s blood, sweat and tears? What you are doing is INSULTING your consumers…you’re saying “Oh they don’t do their research…they don’t know other brands”…you’re saying that you’re “the new wave” when you’re really struggling to even drop in.

I hope this post isn’t seen as trying to knock anyone down, I hope it gives people the push to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and dig deeper when it comes to creating. Stop disrespecting the brands who have paved the way for you to even think what you’re doing is relevant.

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