Park Fiction.

Guten Tag!

Today was a beautiful day in Hamburg, 68 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! Since it was so nice out I decided to do a bit of sightseeing, destination: St.Pauli.

St.Pauli is located at the northern part of the port of Hamburg on the right bank of the Elbe river. It is better known for its world famous red light district on the street of Reeperbahn.


Being naturally curious my plan was to visit Reeperbahn but on my walk something caught my eye…a palm tree! A palm tree in Hamburg?! Yes!


What I came across was Park Fiction. It’s full of fake metal palm trees, a basketball court, and plenty of green areas to sit down at. It’s the perfect spot to lay around and relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the harbour. It has now become one of my favorite places to people watch at. It has a very urban feel to it, so many different types of people: the skateboarders, the artists, the ballers…so much diversity.


Whenever I’m feeling homesick I will come here and be comforted by the palm trees…even if they’re fake! 🙂


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