Eargasm alert!

I need to start this post off by saying PUÑETA! It was a good week for music with Álvaro Díaz and his crew LV CIUDVD releasing 2 new tracks.


Have you ever heard a song so real that you know you can’t listen to it too much because it just makes you feel some type of way?! Well for me right now that song is “Mal Necesario.”
Released on Tuesday this song has been all the buzz on my twitter feed. So many fans can relate to the lyrical content and that’s what makes this collab with Joyce Santana and Deborah Blues so good.

Featured artist, Joyce Santana ,never fails at drawing you into a song with his lyrics, his wordplay is just too good. If you don’t believe me then check out his latest track “Delirio.”


Deborah Blues is representing for the ladies heavy in this song as well! Her chorus is EVERYTHING in this track! From beginning to end I was mesmerized by her voice and the emotion she put into it. Automatic goosebumps.


How many of you believe in having friends with benefits? Or always hitting up an ex because it’s comfortable? Hey as long as you keep it 100, do you!!

The second track released this week was “Miles de Mujeres” ft. Randy Nota Loca.


This song right here…. GAHDAMN!! Álvaro’s verses are always on point, his flow is so effortless and poetic and Randy’s chorus is the icing on the cake.

Put your headphones in…close your eyes and vibe out.

Lets not forget about the incredibly talented producers behind all of this fire either. LV CIUDVD’s very own Young Martino & Caleb Calloway are absolutely killing the game with their beats!


Every Thursday Álvaro Díaz has been releasing a new track in anticipation to his single “Mañana” coming out Oct.23.

For all you sneakerheads out there check out “Prejuicios”…this is your anthem!


And for all my ladies, I hear that Derek Novah has some of that sexy R&B fire ready to unleash soon, you’re going to want to stay tuned for that.

LV CIUDVD….releasing nothing but bangers!!



^^click the link above to hear all the tracks & to keep up with the latest from LV CIUDVD!^^

You can also follow their twitter accounts for more info:







And for bookings:

*Art by: @clownrmx*

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