Love Me No More.

It’s no secret that every time Chris Brown and Kid Ink get together they make magic. Following their success from “Show Me” and “Main Chick” the duo are at it again collabing on a new track called “Love Me No More” It seems as if this new song is a little teaser because it surfaced out of nowhere and it’s fairly short.


In this record we get to appreciate Breezy’s soulful voice which he’s most known for and we get to see the more sentimental side of the artists.

Brown: ” Baby you know that I cry all these tears for you…”

” She broke my heart,I guess she’s a superstar now…”

Kid Ink: ” She don’t wanna love me no more,all her shit parked front at the door, how the hell did we get here so damn fast…”

1:56 was not enough for me guys, don’t tease me like that 😦 I’m gonna need at least 3:40! Lol

Hope to hear more from this project soon! Check it out here :

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