Dimes & Headaches

One of the things I’m most thankful for career wise is getting the chance to meet so many talented people. 3 years ago in Miami I met 2 young producers that go by the names Yerr Beats and Ronny J. Yerr is from Boston and Ronny is a Jersey boy but lately these two have been taking over Miami and traveling everywhere from New York City to Atlanta producing for other artists.

Yerr Beats
Ronny J

The duo has decided to team up and collaborate on a single of their own Dimes & Headaches.  

Released today, the video has a unique concept; instead of featuring themselves in the video they decided it would be more intriguing if they had two women portraying them in it and rapping a long to some of the lyrics in an elegant/classy manner, something you wouldn’t expect. I was so excited when Yerr came to me and asked me to be a part of the project, I jumped at the opportunity!

Please DO NOT sleep on these two, expect to be hearing a lot more from these talented young men.

Watch the video below & follow the two on twitter to see what to expect next! ( @yerrbeats @R0NNYJ)

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