Mexican but Puerto Rican adopted streetwear brand Sixne has come out with their new collection Never is Forever.

imageInspired by all of the hype, fake smiles, and the “trust no one” mentality our generation is facing presently, Sixne is deciding to view life differently with the motto “Enjoy it while it lasts cause Never is Forever.”

If you’re already familiar with the brand then you know what they’re about but if not, Sixne is more than just a clothing line, they’re a family and this is one family you don’t want to mess with because they have each others backs unconditionally. I love the fact that for this collection Sixne’s founder, Humberto Vázquez (better known as Ache) decided to just call his boys for the photo shoot, it really makes the statement that all of them really share a brotherhood that can’t be broken.

image image

We should all try to adapt this mindset of “Never is Forever” and stop worrying about other people and trying to impress those who have no relevance in our life. Worry about you and your day 1’s. Grow together.


The boys held it down for this shoot but I think the Sixne Girls are going to kill the next one!

View & shop the line now at:

OR you can come to YoRad3 at La Respuesta tonight where pieces from the collection will be sold at and you can also catch performances by Álvaro Díaz and the crew LV CIUDVD as well as Chillin Killin. It’s going to be a dope night!


**[Photos by: Andres Díaz \\ Location: Svnturce]**

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