HBA Shit Is Weak Or Nah?

A$AP clearly expressed how he felt about high-end streetwear brand Hood By Air in his track “Multiply” but I don’t know if I can completely agree with him. I’m kind of feeling their newest collection HBA 1969, there are so many stand out pieces.

image image image

My only critique is really about logo placement. If you see a HBA piece you’re clearly going to know it, there’s no way you can miss the impact HBA lettering especially when placed front and center of the item; this works for a lot of the clothing but not all.

Designer Shayne Oliver is so good at combining streetwear and high-end fashion that he’s created a distinct image for HBA, it’s easily recognizable whether you have the bold logo placement or not, therefore I think some of the items can do without it but that’s just my personal preference!

Check out the entire collection now & decide whether or not you’d still rock HBA no matter what fashion lord A$AP has to say about it. :p


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