Dropping today is Derek Novah’s latest single Circulo Vicioso feat. Joyce Santana. Producer, Caleb Calloway, outdid himself with this beat, it’s the perfect balance between hype & slow jam.

No surprise at all, Novah uses his melodic ways to tell a story some of us are all a little too familiar with- going back to your ex even just for a night to reminisce old times. We’re all guilty of it especially after a few drinks but Derek makes me feel like it’s alright with this song, I mean if they open the door for you then at least you know you both want it right?

” Abre la puerta, abre la puerta, solo si estas dispuesta…”

Joyce Santana was the perfect person to feature on this track, lyrically he is a beast and is always serving up some truth.

I’m like a sneaker head waiting to cop the new Jordans every time Novah releases a new song because it’s ALWAYS worth the wait and this trio from LV CIUDVD has just added another banger to the collection.

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