Hip-Hop Emoji Game Strong

In a world where sometimes words fail, emojis are always there to help us better express ourselves! My most used emojis would definitely have to be: smiling with heart-shaped eyes, face throwing a kiss, face with stuck-out tongue & winking eye, face with tears of joy, smirking face, OK hand sign, person raising both hands in celebration, and a heart.


Conversations are so much more fun with emojis, I feel like they add personality. Helping us hip-hoppers to express ourselves a little more is graphic designer, Frank Lepkowski. He’s designed “RapMoji” which blends preexisting Emoji with rap phrases & imagery.

I’m going to need “Bruh”, “No Type”, and “2 On” in my life ASAP!



Lepkowski did a great job creating some dope RapMoji’s! I have a feeling these would be some favorites as well:

Double Cup
Double Cup
Kanye West Yeezus
Kanye West Yeezus
Schoolboy Q Oxymoron
Schoolboy Q Oxymoron

Head over to http://rapmoji.com to see all the other emojis & sign up to get hi-res RapMoji downloaded straight to your inbox!

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