Ne-Yo || Make It Easy

Ne-Yo has to be one of my favorite R&B artists hands down, ever since “So Sick” I’ve been hooked. In just a few weeks he’ll be dropping his sixth album Non-Fiction and he gives us a little tease of what we can expect with his latest single “Make It Easy.”

In the track he sings about having a girl who will love him for him, flaws and all.

” Do you love me for me though, the real me not my fly alter-ego, I know I’m never not fly but if I ever was would you still ride…If it’s early in the morning & my breath stink would you roll over kissing on me like it aint..If I didn’t have millions in the bank…”

I think everyone, especially people in the entertainment industry, have trouble finding someone who is genuinely down for them and Ne-Yo expressed the need to have that easy & real love in such a beautiful and sincere way.

You already know I’ll be grabbing Non-Fiction out January 27!

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