Nice To Hear From You Again Bobby V

Damn I haven’t heard anything from Bobby V in forever! I’ve been a fan of his ever since I heard his single ” Turn The Page” back in ’07. His last project, Peach Moon, came out in 2013 and we haven’t heard much from him since but a previously unreleased track that was recorded over 3 years ago has come out for our listening pleasure.

“Turnt Up”, which was produced by GullyHuTcH, is classic Bobby V. The R&B swooner sings about moving on from his relationship and getting back into that bachelor lifestyle.

“Ever since the night you ain’t been actin’ right, I guess I’ve had enough of you, All the silly games and attitude, I’ma do me and you do you.”

Nothing like some good R&B to help you get over that significant other.

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