Black Scale x BornxRaised || Spring 2015 Collection

Yesterday, one of my favorite street wear brands, Black Scale, released their Spring 2015 Capsule Collection teaming up with up & coming L.A. brand, BornxRaised.

This is a perfect east meets west coast collaboration. Both brands came together to create a dope monochromatic T-shirt collection which includes t-shirts and long-sleeves with bold signature logo placement of the two brands.

black-scale-bornxraised-1-960x640 black-scale-bornxraised-3-960x640 black-scale-bornxraised-4-960x640 black-scale-bornxraised-6-960x640 black-scale-bornxraised-7-960x640 black-scale-bornxraised-10-960x640


Born x Scale is now available in Black Scale NYC and online.

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