Late last night I decided to take a listen to Elhae’s latest EP, Aura, and I swear it’s just a matter of time before this kid blows up!

At first listen his track “Drive Me Crazy” reminds of that good ol’ 90s/early 2000s R&B and he boosted that vibe with his track “Situations” sampling Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call.”

“Halfway Love” is another dope track off the album; great lyrics and a beat that just makes me want to move my hips!

“Keepin’ faith on my lips, giving thanks to the Lord that he gave me this gift, it’s a dream yea I know but I can’t get a grip on reality that’s why they keep tellin’ me life’s a bitch, I wish you would let me live, I still believe in Love, I still believe in God, I know that he’s above and trust me I aint into plain’ all them games, I can tell by lookin’ at you that you probably feel the same…”

Check out all 8 tracks off Aura below!


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