Derek Novah || Encapricciao

#DerekTuesdays are here and the R&B crooner has hit us with a club banger produced by Caleb Calloway titled “Encapricciao.”

Definition of En-ca-pri-cciao:

•To be on another level due to going hard on Capriccio
•To feel ones self
•To be TURNT

The first time I ever tried Capriccio (14% alcohol by the way) was actually with Derek Novah and his crew and let me tell you I was feelin’ NICE after just drinking half the can, I can’t even imagine drinking more than one.

The boys from LVCIUDVD are no strangers to this drink so when they all link up and start sippin’ on it they transform into the Capriccio Boys and you already know it’s going to be one of those “nights I can’t remember with the people I won’t forget.”

Novah and Calloway have created the anthem for those “Encapricciao Nights” and this duo absolutely killed it! Derek proves that not only can he sing those smooth harmonies but he can get down and rap as well!

“Ando encapricciao en la calle nigga,con un tumbao cabrón super swaggy nigga,con tu woman crush on a Wednesday nigga!

From beginning to end this song just gets you hyped! It’s definitely the perfect song to pre-game to!

The boys from LVCIUDVD proving once again why they’re the crew you should be f#€k!n with!

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