Joyce Santana || Punto Final

LVCIUDVD has been on fire the entire month of February and that flame doesn’t appear to be going out anytime soon.Fellow member, Joyce Santana, has released his latest track “Punto Final” produced by Young Martino and with each song he drops I become more of a fan of his.

Santana always has the realest lyrics and the way he conveys different scenarios in life is on point. “Punto Final” is definitely a song that everyone who has ever gone through a heartbreak should listen to.

“Ahora no somos amigos,ni enemigos..solo desconocidos que han vivido…”

“Y yo digo que no me duele perderte que lo que me duele es como te marchastes..”

“Amor y costumbre nunca son lo mismo y por eso llegamos al PUNTO FINAL.”

Damn now that’s some real shit!

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