Big Sean || Dark Sky Paradise

The wait is over! Big Sean’s third studio album Dark Sky Paradise is finally out and in my opinion it’s his best work to date.

Now available on iTunes, DSP not only has a number of features from artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande and Jhene Aiko, but it was also co-executive produced by Kanye West. With all of those elements put together you know this album was destined to be a hit!

Big Sean and his team did a great job at creating an overall cohesive album, in one way or another each track feeds off of each other. This is some of his most personal work yet and the wordplay on these songs is just ridiculous, whether it be from Big Sean or one of his features there’s at least one line each song that makes me say “Oh Gawd!”

Dark Sky (Skyscrapers) 

“I guess you shine brightest when the lights down like now and then they say it happened overnight, shit yea I guess, I guess it took 10 years for me to be an overnight success…”

All Your Fault feat. Kanye West

“Imma tell you truthfully, if you leave Mickey you gon’ end up with a Goofy, I imagine that’s what Chris told Karrueche, girls be acting like there’s diamonds in they cuchi”

Deep feat. Lil Wayne

“The deeper it gets boy the pressure increases but pressure makes diamonds…”

“The only weapon I’m scared of is Karma”

Deserve It feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR

“Some girls are the Lebron James of playing mind games and switch they whole team up every single time they mind change”

I could go on and on about this album but you should just buy it and take a listen for yourself!

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