Álvaro Díaz x Brray x Joyce Santana || MUSULMAN

Hip-Hop’s finest in Puerto Rico, LVCIUDVD, is a crew that only releases perfection which is why they didn’t drop their highly anticipated new track “MUSULMAN” last week but we got it this week for #JuevesdeLvCiudvd and this collab with Álvaro Díaz, Brray and Joyce Santana shows us that patience is a virtue because it was definitely worth that extra wait.

It’s common in Hip-Hop songs for artists to rap about having a couple of b*tches but these boys stepped it up a notch and got on that “muslim status” rapping

“Yo quiero 7 jevas como un musulman que me brinden alabanza mas que al mismo Alá!”

I mean there’s not many artists, if any, that have rapped about wanting to possess any qualities of a Muslim, that’s a game changer right there! lol

Producer, Young Martino, is way too legit! Props on giving your boys some dope material to write to! You can tell the creative juices were definitely flowing in the studio when this crew got together. With so much talent it’s hard not to flex on these boys!

Check out their latest, MUSULMAN below:


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