|| Usher – All Falls Down Ft. Chris Brown ||

R&B heart throbs, Usher and Chris Brown are such an electric duo when they came together on a track! After the success from their hit “New Flame” the two have come together on another record titled All Falls Down.

For this single, Usher wanted to make a song that would remind his fans why they fell in love with these two artists and I think they did an amazing job at capturing their essence. As a matter of fact, this song reminds me why I fell in love with R&B in the first place- you can’t get that kind of raw vulnerability in any other genre and it’s just so beautiful to me that they can capture such feeling, not only with their smooth vocals but with the emotion they put into their music.

R&B lovers put your headphones in, turn that volume ALL the way up and feel. Just feel.

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