March 27, 2015 – Audri Nix killed it once again on her latest remix ” 18 + – Crow.”

From beginning to end I did not stop vibing to this dope beat and let me tell you not only can she rap but baby girl got some vocals on her too!

“Ya no queda nada, solo cenizas de tu fuego cuando me quemastes..”

It’s one thing to just have the skill of being able to spit some bars over a tight beat but to have your lyricism sound like poetry..well that just makes you the total package and Audri has definitely proven she has that extra something in order to stand out from all the rest.

“No se si eres veneno o flores para mi jardin..”

Uff those are the kind of lines that just hit you and make you say “damn.”

El Nuevo Orden is coming, I can feel it!

Check out “18 + – Crow” (Audri Nix Remix) below:

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