Wale || The Album About Nothing

After patiently (but very anxiously) waiting for Wale’s new project The Album About Nothing to come out all I can say is that this album is EVERYTHING. His latest was released yesterday on iTunes and I was quick to purchase it but took my time to listen to all 14 tracks. As you may already know, Jerry Seinfeld played a big role on this album but artists such as J.Cole, Usher, Jeremih and SZA are also featured. 

This project is so unique because of the fact that Jerry Seinfeld was such a huge influence on it. It’s so interesting to hear their conversations on the tracks and see how they relate to the songs. One of my personal favorite songs off the album depicts this perfectly – “The Matrimony”(Feat. Usher) 
Wale: “It’s hard, you know temptation and all,bitches out here trying to see if my relationship strong, you’re the place in the charts so run away from your heart ,gave this music my all,nothing is sacred no more… Wrong…I’m promising you better though…and we aint getting any younger, I can give up now but I can promise you forever…”
If theres a question of my love you got it,baby don’t worry I got plans for you,baby I’ve been making plans..
Seinfeld: ” I kind of feel like I’m a planet and these other women are kind of moving through the solar system with me and marriage is like you decide to jump off of your planet  across to another planet and you can only do it when another planet passes real close and you say “hey I think I can cross.”
Wale is so underrated. I hope this album gives him the praise that he deserves because he is just too dope and REAL to go unappreciated. 
You can buy The Album About Nothing now on iTunes! 


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