Beyoncé X Chris Brown || Jealous Remix

Oooh Lawd! There’s nothing like a good ol’ R&B remix, especially when you’re talking about Beyoncé and Chris Brown.

Although it’s not a new track, Chris Brown jumped on Beyoncé’s “Jealous” and it’s complete perfection now. There’s something sexy about a man that can admit when he’s feeling a little jealous.

“Queen Bey I’m trippin’, cause I’m a little insecure when your phone go off, cause they be calling’ at three in the mornin’, know I’d do the same shit but girl it’s different, and if I can’t you can’t fuck with no exes, you got me moaning’ for extras, you just love making me jealous”

Listen to Beyoncé and Chris Brown get a little jealous together.

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