Chris Brown X Rihanna || Put It Up

I don’t care what you say, Chris Brown and Rihanna will forever be one of my favorite couples. In or out of the studio, there’s no denying the chemistry these two share.

This duo are no strangers to surprising their fans with new collaborations but recently a new unreleased track has surfaced and it’s a wonder as to why it didn’t come out sooner!

“Put It Up” is the type of song to get you all up in your feelings! Now this is the Breezy I fell in love with, when he hits those high notes…oooh..he makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up! Gah damn I feel like I need a boo thang I can dedicate this song to!

“I’m gonna explore all of your body, put it up right there right there”

Umm you don’t have to ask me twice Chris! haha

Check out “Put It Up” below:

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