Audri Nix || Veneno ||

It’s official, my Woman Crush Wednesday is going out to Audri Nix. Today this dope female rapper dropped her latest track “Veneno” and baby girl is SLAYIN’!

Whenever she and producer, Overlord, come together you already know you’re going to get some heat. “Veneno” is an anthem for all of those girls who have had their heart broken by someone who was too busy collecting rocks rather than appreciating the diamond they already had.

Audri legit spits that venom that all of us girls wish we could say and in my opinion that makes her bad AF.

“Tu madre no sabe que tu eres un cobarde, no venga por mi que ya va a ser muy tarde..”

Todo un campeón pero conmigo no ganastes…me desperdiciastes..”

PREACH.Let that nigga know!

It’s crazy how sometimes you have to go through some bulls#it before realizing how much you’re worth, or sometimes all you need is a song like this to slap you in the face and make you realize “Damn, I deserve better.”

On behalf of all of the baby girls in the world, thank you Miss Nix!

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