Brray || El Sistema

On his latest single, “El Sistema,” Brray is calling on our generation to get mad and start standing up for ourselves and help do something about the current situation in the government.

“Me faltara el oxígeno pero no la motivación de llegar a mi destino // Gobierno corrupto, políticos brutos, la justicia no tiene nada de justo // Solo quiero decirte con este tema que pal carajo el sistema y revelate! “

This was the perfect Young Martino beat to spread this “Youth Revolt” type of message on. Artists that use their music to actually say something are a dime a dozen these days but it’s comforting to know there are a couple of young bloods in Carolina, Puerto Rico doin’ the damn thing!

Listen to “El Sistema” and let that fire inside of you spark up and “Moléstate y Levántate!”

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