Álvaro Díaz X Deborah Blues || Adios Afrodita 

I’ve been feenin’ for some new music from Álvaro Díaz for a minute now and he’s got me all in my feelings with his latest single, “Adios Afrodita” ft. Deborah Blues. Good things take time and this track right here is gold. 
Also known as “Insomnio 2,” Álvarito channels old feelings and reminisces about one of his muses. With Miss Blues blessing this song with her hypnotizing vocals, Díaz flowing so eloquently and Young Martino producing such a lush track,how could this team not win? 

“Son 3-6-5 viendo tu foto… 3-6-5 volviendome loco”

“Lo que queria contigo era que mis hijos llevaran tu apellido”

Get lost in “Adios Afrodita” and stay tuned for new music from LV CIUDVD. 

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