One of my all time favorite R&B crooners, Miguel, dropped his latest album, WILDHEART, today and to be honest at first listen I was left underwhelmed. Apart from the previously released singles “Coffee,” “NWA,” “Simple Things,” and “Hollywood Dreams,” I wasn’t really feeling the rest of the songs but after hearing it for a second time I think it was just the first three songs off the album that threw me off a little bit. It’s not that the songs were bad, I’m just not a huge fan of Miguel dabbling in rock/alternative styles but it does show his growth as an artist to be willing to venture and dive into new sounds. Luckily he brought me right back in with his sexy, RnB vibes towards the end of the album. Some of his lyrics be gettin’ a girl all flushed! I love that he’s so uninhibited with his sexuality. Ladies you’ll love “Destinado A Morir,” Miguel singing in spanish? Gah damn Gah damn!

Even though it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting I still love and am a huge fan of Miguel and his art!

Check out WILDHEART now on iTunes and let me know whether you think I’m trippin’ or not!


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