As if Álvaro Díaz’s latest EP, iLUMILATIN VOL. 1, hasn’t been making enough buzz (#1 on iTunes Latin charts,) last night the island raised rapper dropped a mini documentary which shows the making of this Illmatic project.


Quoting the director, César Berrios, this visual gave me “the feels heavy.” He did such an incredible job at capturing key behind the scenes moments. This was 7 minutes and 12 seconds of goosebumps seeing how hard this crew works and how truly dedicated they are to their craft. You can tell they enjoy the shit out of each other and have created a brother hood that will last a lifetime.

Es lv ciudvd es lv ciudvd es lv ciudvd

These boys are so gold that I don’t even think people really understand the weight of it yet. They’re on their Diddy-Empire / Kanye-Iconic status.

Somos los monstros que le teman desde que eran chiquitos

To learn more about each song on iLUMILATIN VOL. 1 and to see how the juices flow in the studio, watch the César Berrios directed video below!

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