The Weeknd X Eminem X Nicki Minaj || The Hills Remixes

This is definitely proving to be the year of The Weeknd as he continues to bless his fans with amazing music.

This past weekend, Abel released not only 1 but 2 new remixes of his hit single “The Hills,” one with Nicki Minaj and the other with none other than Eminem! I had to do a double take when I saw Eminem’s name on the promo for the remix, I was actually watching 8 Mile the other day thinking how much I missed hearing his music and was so excited to see he had something new out.

Both of these remixes are undeniably great, each artist breathes in a different yet dark energy to the song which compliments The Weeknd’s vibe so well.


“But tonight we don’t need those pills, just the effects of each other but we gon’ film cause I will want your ex to see”

Nicki Minaj:

“You told me this and I quote, cause we popped pills and you smoked, you said “Your stuff got me strung out, it’s like doin’ lines of some coke.”

The Weeknd never ceases to amaze me with the creative mad genius that he is! Whether it be solo or with dope features, he kills it every single time.

Watch the live SNL performance of The Weeknd and Nicki Minaj singing “The Hills” below and be sure to purchase both remixes of the song on iTunes or take a listen on Spotify!

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