Spartan Squad fans where you at?! Yesterday, Sou$a, released a freestyle to Tory Lanez’s “Say It” and he definitely did his thing adding some of that Puerto Rican flavor to it.

On his RnB flow, Sou$a showcases his more sensual side to the ladies.

“Eso si se ve, y se siente bien, alla abajo ahi, te gusta como yo bajo ahi, eso si se ve y se siente me parece a mi de mentir, no me diga la verdad ahora a mi si sabemos baby que estamos aquí para hacernos venir…”

Ohhkayyy I see you Sou$a, not only is he RnB vibin’ but he’s on that baby making flow. Boys you might get lucky if you play this joint for your girl!

“Say It” (Freestyle) ‘n chill??

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