Fans of The Weeknd were extra good this year keeping the artist at the top of the charts so you know Abel had to give them a little something for Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, he gifted his fans with 2 new tracks via Sound Cloud – “Low Life” ft. Future and a remix of Jeremih’s “Pass Dat.”

I’m back and forth with which of the two is my favorite, they’re both equally as lit giving us those classic dark/chill Weeknd flows.


Low Life ft. Future

“East coast nigga reppin’ North side never waste a hoes time, bitch I’m on my own time, fuck a nigga co-sign, always change my number and my phone line, baby girl I don’t lie, used to have no money for a crib now my room service bill cost your whole life, if they try to step me I go all out military, I’m camo-ed all out like I’m in the military and free up all my niggas locked up in the penitentiary cause I’m always reppin’ for that low life, reppin’ for that low life..”


Jeremih – Pass Dat (Weeknd Remix)

” If you’re not with me, I feel bad for your team, you should cut them off, you can follow your dreams..”


Check out both songs and let me know which one you’re vibin’ to the most!

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