It’s been a minute since we’ve heard any new music from Puerto Rican rapper, Álvaro Díaz-after the success of his EP, Ilumilatin Vol. 1, he went on tour around the island,as well as to Venezuela, Mexico and the Dominican Republic with his right hand, producer Young Martino.

Since being back in PR, Díaz has been back on that studio grind and today he gave us a taste of what he’s been cooking up.

“Principal” is the latest from this creative and I think it’s pretty safe to say he’s married to the muse.

With an auto-tuned voice and a classic Yo Yo Young Martino produced beat, el negrito con actitud raps :

“..Vas a tener que pichar que se enamora de mas, hasta la mano me queria agarrar, dice que nunca había estado con alguien que fuera real y me tire el lean back (a lo Fat Joe), porque no hay tiempo para perder, solo llamas si tienes ganas y quieres prender // me envía snapchats desnuda tratándome de convencer, negrita tienes que aceptarlo, tienes que entender, no puedes ser la principal, pero te puedo textiar cuando termine de grabar, entiendes que tengo que josear…”

And on that note all I have to say is..they don’t want you to make #anotherone.


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