Quickly becoming a favorite of mine, Puerto Rican rapper, Brray, released a new track a few days ago titled ” Tiempo Al Tiempo” and it’s exactly what I needed to hear to bring me back to reality and get my mindset right for the week.

“… la vida se encarga de pagarte lo que sudastes, recibes lo que das, el karma existe y con ella siempre quiero la paz, las horas pasan rápido como estrella fugaz, dale un beso y un abrazo a tu mama que no sabes cuando la extrañaras…”

” Tiempo al tiempo se sufre y se goza, la vida no es color de rosa”

Young Martino provides the vibe and “Brray Bars” as I like to call him, knows exactly what to do with it.

Point blank the boys coming out of La C are the realest.

Listen to “Tiempo Al Tiempo” below as well as Brray’s previously released single “No Pares” for some of that sexy time energy.

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