Wow…Sy Ari Da Kid gave me the feels with his Bryson Tiller assisted track “Priorities.”

Produced by himself, Illa Jones and Teauxny, I felt as if Sy Ari had gone both into my head and heart singing exactly where I find myself when it comes to my love life. I know a lot of us tend to put our priorities before our love interests, sometimes because we want to stay focused, other times we use them as an excuse because we’re too afraid to fail at the game of love.

Sy Ari

” I use my priorities as an excuse, cause girl my priority should have been you, when I got on I was on one, now I’m alone with no one…priorities..priorities…”

” Trust me like you used to girl, want me like you used to babe, need me like the air you need to breathe, just like your heart gonna miss a beat if you don’t get some of this sweet time babe..”

“I put my work before you, I know I’m worth it but you feel like I hurt you, it’s true, you’re saying that it’s too late, like I had a curfew with you..”


“Been ignoring these signs baby, been ignoring these signs, I’m starting to catch on now, love me in the meantime, baby I mean I’m crazy for not taking you serious, I guess I gotta live with it..”

Ugh yes, yes, and YAS! This song is just too much!

Listen to “Priorities” below and check out Sy Ari Da Kid’s latest album B4 The Heartbreak out now!


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