If you guys recall correctly, last Friday I told you Tuesday, February 16 was going to be LIT with the release of Audri Nix’s debut Ep, El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1. Well let me tell you, she lit that b#tch on FIRE. As soon as I hit play on the first track, “Punto Decisivo” she inspired me to put pen to paper and that’s the feeling I feen for when I’m listening to new music.

All 5 songs on this EP are produced by Overlord and his talent is something ridiculous. He’s a beast and Audri is his beauty because together they have the perfect artistic chemistry. With his hard-hitting, menacing beats and Nix’s new dark R&B vibe, there is no duo like this out right now and I feel so proud knowing that the world is going to know the magnitude of talent that Puerto Rico has to offer.

E.N.O. Vol.1 consists of 3 new tracks, “Punto Decisivo,” “Inevitable,” and “Contigo.” “Veneno” and “Chanel Bleu” were previously released by the female rapper on her Sound Cloud page.

All of these songs bring something different to the table but also have a common denominator-heartbreak. In a previous interview, Audri claimed that she “lives heartbroken” which has not only made for some pretty relatable content but some dope artistry. I’ve never heard an artist make a heart breaking situation sound so powerful and make me feel so in control before. This EP is Girl Power to the max.

Punto Decisivo

” Aveces el silencio es mucho más violento y hay heridas que no se sanan con el tiempo, esto es el punto decisivo, si me quito o si sigo, le tengo miedo a las cosas que nunca decimos..”

“Siempre me pregunto si es una fantasia por lo que estoy esperando..ahora me estas buscando, ahora me estas buscando..encuentrame donde me perdistes..”


“Tú, eres todo lo que quiero, yo tengo que cuidarme y tener precaución de que no me rompas mi corazón, aunque sea inevitable…”

“Yo soy la maestra y tu la lección, soy la adicta y tu la adicción, soy obsesiva y tu mi obsesión pero tengo que tener precaución..”

“Es inevitable, todas la memorias son insuperables..”


“Si no eres mio, dime de quien eres? Si tu quieres estar conmigo y yo quiero estar contigo”

“No hay nadie como yo, no hay nadie como tu, por eso quiero estar contigo, solamente contigo”


“Tu madre no sabe que tu eres un cobarde, no venga por mi que ya va a ser muy tarde..”

“Todo un campeón pero conmigo no ganastes…me desperdiciastes”

Chanel Bleu

“Somos JayZ y Queen B sentados en un throno, no volver a estar solos, sin titulos y sin nada, soy tu negra me corono”

” Repiteme todos los dias que yo soy tuya, aunque sea por una noche quiero que sepas que yo estoy para ti”

As if the release of her debut EP wasn’t enough, Audri decided to drop an ill visual to go along with it which was in the hands of director, Shoury Santana. Peep it below!

El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1 is available to stream on Audri Nix’s Sound Cloud as well as for purchase on iTunes.

Oh and a moment of silence for this one.


Always Stay Gracious, The Best Revenge Is Your Paper. 

YAS Babygirl YAS.

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