One Direction was never my style of music but I’m not going to lie, I always thought Zayn Malik was cute, he had that swag I find so appealing in guys. Once he went solo and released his debut single “Pillow Talk” I was even more intrigued with his Pop/R&B vibe.

It didn’t take long for someone to jump on the remix and to be honest I was surprised to see it would be Lil Wayne. I would have never put the two together but this remix just works, the content is right up Wayne’s alley.

” F#ckin’ & fightin’ , f#ckin’ & fightin’, yeah fuck it if she love it I like it, husband & wifey, we do what we do, we do how we do, but we makin’ it through, and the bedroom a zoo we fucks for a few then we fucks for a truse yeah…”

Weezy did his thing on his verse for sure but to be honest I wouldn’t mind pissing off the neighbors with Zayn. 😉 I blame it on his tatts and sexy voice. #MCM

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