With production from Hydro and Vfro, Puerto Rican artist, Sou$a, released his latest single “Anoche” last week and the vibe is sexy as hell.

“Anoche mientras dormia junto a ti trate de despertarte, aquí no se vino a domir, deja la timidez, déjame ver como le hacías a el..lo que le robe..”

“..pero sabes que cuando Sou$a te llama tu lo tienes que coger, así que dame lo que me merezco,no soy tuyo pero hoy me presto por supuesto, hazme lo que me decias en los texto..”

Not holding back one bit, Sou$a’s definitely got a girl feeling some type of way with his sensual lyrics.

Listen to “Anoche” below and let me know what you think about Sou$a’s latest offering. I heard he’s got a lot of bangers in the vault just waiting to be released so be sure to stay tuned for more from this Spartan Squad member!

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