Tory Lanez is back at it showing us both his R&B crooner side along with his more hard-hitting persona with his two latest offerings “Unforgetful” and “For Real.”

London On Da Track produced single “Unforgetful” is R&B Tory at his finest. Sampling Kehlani and Chance The Rapper’s song “The Way,” Lanez makes sure to let his lady know that although he’s gotten forgetful, he’s still all about her.

“Better have time for me
Better next time that i see you
I’m have something much better than line for you
Or a rhyme for you
Keep on putting you on in all of my songs
Til you get around to me
Girl you been down and you stayed around
Its time i put this shit down on you
Lets meet then baby
Girl im really busy on the weekday
Shawty be my weekend, lady
Kill the pussy like a horror film
Thats what you call freaking baby
Got some new songs but I heard you like fucking to The Weeknd..”

“For Real” which was produced by Tory along with Droc and Play Picasso, is Lanez’s flex track where he basically lets everyone know it hasn’t been easy making it to the top therefore he has no reason to front about his current lifestyle. It’s all “For Real.”

“All of us came out of depression
Just to reunite and flexin’
One Umbrella fucking Mob, nigga
Homeless kid, I used to rob niggas
Stressing had me in a deep depression
Givin’ niggas pressure, on the job nigga
I would sell that dope to anybody
Anybody tried to ball with ya
Times were so hard on the boulevard
You needed someone to grind with ya
But it was no one to grind with ya
No one’s life was on the line with ya
No one was with ya at the eighteen market, four o’clock, in Saturday mornings
Trying to split the dimes with ya, Lord
Whippin’ the soda, you know that I’m gone
(Just give ’em that pressure, just give ’em that pressure)
Whippin’ the soda inside of the kitchen, baking soda
YOLO, whippin’, niggas know we got it going
Get it my nigga, that’s pressure”

Which Tory do you prefer? I’m personally all about the smooth, R&B croonin’ T.Lanez 😉

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