Eric Bellinger lives for the ladies and he’s proving that EP after EP.

Previously released with only 9 tracks, the R&B crooner has finally given us Eventually in its entirety with 3 new songs. This mixtape is dedicated to the ladies in hopes that they don’t give up on finding love and with songs like “Can’t Hurry Love,” “Lay Up,” and “Volunteer,” I can’t help but to ask myself if Eric is taken because if not I volunteer as tribute!

Can’t Hurry Love

“Baby girl, you can’t have it all
Take your time,
There’s somebody for you,
And probably looking for you now
Baby, won’t you tell me what’s the rush
Girl, slow down
You might as well lay low,
‘Cause he on his way for sure
I’m just saying you can’t hurry love 

“So take this time and go to work on yourself,
Get your bread up,
Be a boss,
Got a few chances,

Get it to the point where you need no one,
You don’t need no help,
You can do it yourself, 
You don’t need shit from a nigga
Be the type of girl we like,
And I bet he treat you right 
Make the rest the best of your life 
You still got some time, baby”

Lay Up

“This should be a lay up
I already want you
You already want me
Just come over and lay up
Girl quit wasting up time
Let’s see what this could be
Oh yeah, you know you want it my love
Girl you been waiting for this
Baby just throw me the pass
Bet I’ma put it right in
Keeping it light on the touch
I see you with the assist
Finally it’s one on one
Look at the flick of my wrist
Girl we should lay up”


“I’m tired of seeing all them tears on your face,You deserve to be splurged on all day ,You deserve to be smiling always ,Girl so I ain’t talking ’bout them Lame ass niggas in your phone you be dealing with ,You and me, we both know them niggas ain’t shit Gon’ and get your refund, ain’t worth your time,You aint even seen me coming, they say love is blind”

Eric Bellinger never disappoints the ladies with his new music. I mean with a talented soul like that how could he?

Cop Eventually on iTunes now!

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