As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve had my ear on Puerto Rican R&B singer, Lyanno for a bit now and for good reason! It seems like with every new track he drops he just gets better and better.

Switching up the tone a little from his usual sensual ways, we’re getting a taste of the rapper in Lyanno with the release of his latest track “Antes y Ahora.”

“Dicen no soy competencia, cabrón yo ni corro, tu mujer piensa diferente, me oye y baja el chorro…”

“..y eso que estoy probando cabrón yo ni rapeo, yo mato solo versos pero si apunto el deo queda feo pa la foto y peor pal video..”

“El dinero es la misión, traigan más champaña pa los míos, la puta miseria se acabo, estoy bendecido no me hace falta el impulso…”

With producer Jon Gonz laying down the beat, Lyanno was sure to lace it with some realness in each verse.

Take a listen to “Antes y Ahora” below as well as his previously released track “El Nuevo Día” produced by Hydro.

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