Last week, Pusha T, dropped a new track titled “Drug Dealers Anonymous” featuring none other than Jay Z and it’s straight BARS!

Produced by DJ Dahi, both Pusha and Hov take turns spittin’ verses about their drug dealing pasts.


“Valentino summers and wave runners
Chains on my niggas like slave runners
Drug dealers anonymous
How many Madonnas can that Mazda fit?
My brick talk is more than obvious, it’s ominous
Garages, the phantom, ghouls, ghosts and goblins
Blonde mohawk the collection I’m Dennis Rodman
The money count is the only moment of silence
Cause hush money balances all this drugs and violence”

Jay Z

“14-year drug dealer and still counting
Who deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant
He been hula hooping through loop holes, working around shit
IRS should’ve had the townhouses surrounded
Thanks to the lawyers
I marbled the foyer
I tore the floor up
Yeah, that’s for the Koi fish
We been dining on oysters”

“I always knew I was a prophet, but I couldn’t find a decent job
Life made me ambidextrous
Countin’ with my right, whipping’ white with my left wrist
Daaaaaaaamn Daniel
FBI keep bringing them all white vans through”

The wordplay in this track is just ridiculous, I mean what more did you expect from HOV? But don’t get it twisted, Pusha definitely held his own on this!

Take a listen to “Drug Dealers Anonymous” below via what else..Tidal!


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