If it were possible for music to melt your headphones, mine would have melted right onto my head after the fire I just heard!

Bad Bunny and Brray’s collab on “Pa’ Que Le De” was already a banger but recruiting Álvaro Díaz, Mike Towers, Joyce Santana and Sou$a for the remix elevated it to the next level and the boys definitely brought the heat.

Filled with nothing but sexually driven bars, it’s hard to choose who had the better verse but that’s definitely not a bad problem to have.

Álvaro Díaz came out the gate hot rapping

“..cuando se vira me dice dame como le dabas a Elvira, que atrevida, le quito su panty con mi boca la agarro por el cuello y se vuelve loca, no conoce amor solo conoce el sexo, siempre vuelve porque le doy como que estaba preso y le tiro pesos…”

Sou$a slowed it back down for the ladies

“Que bellaca es mi bebe, me llama to’ borracha a las 3, casi siempre después fumamos, nos arrebatamos y se pone en cuatro pa’ que le de…”

Straight shooter Joyce Santana wasted no time getting down to the nitty gritty

“Me dijo si quieres te vienes adentro yo no tengo perse, la línea de amor/obsesión es finita y la tenemos a punto de romperse, ella me dio el culo la primera vez que sola solita dejo verse, se metió dos dedos y la escuche gimiendo “no es pa mirar es pa comerse..”

And Mike Towers finished it off like a true vet

“..y dile a tu novio que te dio Mike Towers nigga, no la llames que le dice que quedo dormida, ya yo se lo daba hasta en el carro nigga, en moteles o hoteles, carros que ella diga, baby dile como yo te lo puse y si se molesta que me excuse o sino yo mando a que lo cruzen, quiere que todas las posiciones se usen…”

SHEESH!These boys absolutely went off on this Young Martino x La Paciencia produced beat!

One thing is for sure, if they all got together to perform this live it would really be one for the books and I would have to be there first hand to witness it…and maybe twerk a little too because lets keep it 100 ladies, there’s no way you’re listening to this and not bouncing that booty even just a little bit! 😉

Listen to all these rappers go HAM on “Pa’ Que Le De” Remix below and comment your thoughts!

Also take a listen to Sou$a’s latest single, “Maldades” below produced by Hydro and Kiid Favelas!

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