Yeaaahhhh man! R&B OG Usher, has come out with some new music and it’s nothing short of infectious!

“Crash” is the title of his latest single and it’s definitely got that “Poppy” feel that’s going to appeal to everyone. You can’t help but to groove along to the beat when you hear it and in my personal case, can’t help but to get goosebumps when I hear those signature Usher high pitch vocals.

“And I really, really, wanna love you
And I’m really only yours
Even if it don’t last forever, I wanna let you know
We really had something special, it’s hard tryna let it go
I’m just being honest, I’m still in the moment”

“Would you mind if I still loved you?
Would you mind if things don’t last?
Would you mind if I hold onto
You so that I won’t crash?”

Usher baby I don’t mind if you hold onto me one little bit!

Ladies & Gents take a listen to R&B vet, Usher’s latest single “Crash” below.

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