It’s been a minute since I’ve heard anything from The Game but I’m pleasantly surprised with his latest track “All Eyez” featuring R&B crooner Jeremih.

As the lead single off of The Game’s upcoming album 1992, “All Eyez” serves as the perfect Summer Time jam with The Game rapping about taking his girl on trips from London to Paris and Jeremih’s smooth vocals came in clutch on the hook.

“Let’s get to it
Let me lick you in places you never been licked before
Take you to places you never been before
Like London, Paris, see that Lamborghini outside
We can share it, J and B without the marriage
Horse and carriage, señorita
Snapchat dog filters live from Ibiza
Breakfast on the beach, that mean sex is on the beach
You lookin’ like a fruit platter, I’ma bite into your peach
And um, I think about to massage your feet
And um, you got a body, you remind of my Jeep
And um, I must look amazing with you
Cause every time you on my arm I got

All eyes on me
I need your attention
Put your body on me
You the one I’m missin’
All eyes on me
I don’t want your love
We ain’t gotta fake it
We both tryna fuck”

The combination of both sexy & hard go hand in hand on this Scott Storch produced beat and I’m vibin’ to it heavy!

Take a listen below and let me know if you’re about it or nah!

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