This past Friday, rapper Logic, decided to release a surprise new mixtape just in time for the Holiday weekend for his fans and to be honest this is the first time I’ve actually taken a listen to one of his projects completely and I can now genuinely say I’m a fan. He has a unique sound which is what intrigued me to continue listening in the first place.

Bobby Tarantino is an 11 track offering with only one featuring coming from Pusha T on  “Wrist.” My go-to tracks would for sure have to be “Deeper Than Money” and “Slave II.” Both have completely different vibes beat wise but his distinct use of word play in his lyrics are what got my attention.

Deeper Than Money

“And so I’m all about my business
Is there anyone who witness?
Can a brother get a witness like…
Ah—Ooh, Ah—Ooh
Wassup with it come and get it
Tell me now what’s on your mind
I ain’t talking bout that shit you post up on your timeline
Speak to me in real time, open up and redefine
Open up a motherfucking book for once and read a line
Somebody tell me now what done happen to society
My happiness is gone and it took with it my sobriety
They say that money cannot make you happy
Do not lie to me, whoever said that shit was never broke
And wouldn’t try to be, who is you to try with me?”

Slave II

“Spent a couple of million on my new apartment
Down in Manhattan, that’s a multi-million dollar view
And I got it from rappin’
Damn near everyone nabbin’ on the boy, heh, shit
I’m not a mad rapper, but what?
I’m angrier than Kanye
Angrier than Kanye when he talkin’ about clothes
That’s a fashion line
And my last album went number one
So what that mean?
I did better than you, you, you
Sold way more than that pop bitch
And I dare Def Jam to drop this
I just drop hits”

Take a listen to Bobby Tarantino on Tidal/Spotify now and let me know which tracks you’re feeling the most!


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