Puerto Rican singer/producer Misael, not only hit us once but twice yesterday dropping 2 new tracks with 2 of the hottest rappers in the game right now.

Produced by Misael himself a.k.a. RhythmGunna, Joyce Santana’s “Heridas” tells a classic tale of heartbreak and the struggle to move on. Santana never fails to rap exactly what I’ve felt before in the past, his lyrics are so in tune and relatable that it makes you feel as if he tapped into your own experiences to express them and with Misael’s suave, emotion filled vocals those old feelings can’t help but to rush back to you.

” El tiempo cura heridas pero también causa heridas, muchas entradas pal dolor y pocas las salidas, no hay amor que no duela o nadie que lo consiga, mi corazón en tacto luego de una despedida, a mi me duele que te alejes y me alejes que despegues a otro rumbo y sin mirar atrás me dejes, a ti te duele que hayan cambiado los papeles que si es yo que quiero el compromiso cuando ahora tu no quieres…bueno aun nos queremos por lo menos…”

“Infraganti” ft. Brray was the second track dropped with the assisted help of Young Martino on production. This vibe is definitely a lot more on the sexier side. I can see this one being played in the club when you’re trying to get close to shorty to take her home for the night. Brray laced the track with his sexual wordplay and Misael fueled that fire calling out the one that always does him right. I mean we all have that one person we share that intense chemistry with don’t we? 😉 Sometimes you just have to hit ’em up if its been awhile. No shame in that.

” Llevamos en este juego como 8 años y no te voy a mentir a veces te extraño, pensando en tu culo la mente se me daño, lo que me hace falta es que me castiga en el baño, pero te lo admito que tengo mi resuelve, esperando a ver cuando vuelves, mientras sigo quemando de la verde, cuando tu no estas presente me pongo rebelde…”

” La ultima vez nos encontramos aqui, esta historia nunca tendrá fin, nos escapamos y nos vemos a lo escondida, lo prohibido siempre sube adrenalina..”

Puerto Rico may be going through a crisis right now but at least the music is consistent and gives us a little something to look forward to on a day to day basis.

When Rap and R&B collide it’s a beautiful thing. Take a listen to both “Heridas” and “Infraganti” below.

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