Like Chance The Rapper said “Music is all we got” and that’s exactly what artists such as Jay Z, Chris Brown and Miguel are proving in light of all of the horrible events that have continued to plague our communities. #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

Although the senseless murders of black men has been a problem for quite some time now, the last 2 killings of 2 black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, seemed to have been the straw that broke the camels back because just a few days later police offers were killed in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest.

I believe everyone has been affected by all of the hate that’s being portrayed in this world but we’re finally getting to hear celebrities speak out and try to use their voices for change.

Jay Z’s “Spiritual” is a touching song where he doesn’t hold back one bit on how he feels about the issues black men are facing today. He raps

“Yeah, I am not poison, no I am not poison
Just a boy from the hood that
Got my hands in the air
In despair don’t shoot
I just wanna do good, ah
I am not poison, no I am not poison
Just a boy from the hood that
Got my hands in the air
In despair don’t shoot
I just wanna do good, uh”

Below is a letter Jay released along with “Spiritual” to explain his inspiration behind it.


Chris Brown also released some new music reflecting on the situation with “A Lot of Love” and it’s one that everyone needs to hear. In these dark times, Brown is the light hoping to bring some positivity to this world and it’s the message everyone should be carrying in their hearts.


“Feels like the world is on your shoulders
Don’t let em get you down
Through all the prejudice and violence
Your heart still can smile, you gotta go
Ooh child, things are gonna get easier
And all the pain will go away, starting today”
It’s time to help each other try
You can do it all it takes is, a lot of love
I need it, a lot of love
Cause I’m giving, a lot of love
Yeah, a lot of love
A lot of love”
While in his hotel room in London, Miguel also felt the need to express himself the best way he knows how with an extremely raw song titled “How Many.” This song probably made me feel the most because it’s just so relevant, I mean really ” How many black lives? How many black lives? How many heart beats turn into flat lines? How many black lives does it take to wake the change?”
Artists may make a lot of dope bangers for the clubs but it’s the songs that actually have a message that mean the most. Music is power and right now it’s all we got.
Listen to all 3 moving tracks below and choose to be the change you wish to see in the world.

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