Oh me Oh my I just can’t get enough of Kehlani and everything she’s serving up!

Last week she dropped “CRZY” and this week she’s asking her boo for a little bit of a “Distraction.”

“I need you to respect it, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Sometimes this shit get me stressing
So I need you with me
To keep me right and keep me up all night
We can get faded
This life can make you so jaded
So we can stay shaded
Just to us and try to get it right”

“Are you down to be a distraction baby
But don’t distract me, let me ask you baby
Do you, do you, do you wanna be
A distraction baby”

This girl and her vocals are EVERYTHING. Sexy, soulful and a new found confidence make her the baddest female doin’ the damn thang right now and I dare you to tell me different.

Listen for yourself.

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