It’s been a week since Cali bred singer, Eric Bellinger, dropped his latest EP, Eric Bellinger For President:Term 1 and it’s the R&B fix I’ve been feening for.

Infusing his signature sensual R&B vibes with some more hard-hitting Hip-Hop beats, Bellinger has a little bit of everything to offer his fans with this 8 track project.


“She my right hand no pledge of allegiance
Goat yeah she the goat
I brag and I boast
Niggas tryna pass, wanna take my place
Til’ they play dumb I’ma call her bae

So if I gotta choose someone
Then it must be her she been here since day one
I guess I’ma have to call her bae
I guess I’ma have to call her bae
I guess we gon have to go hit lunch
Get berries in Montego Bay
I guess I’ma have to call her bae
I guess she gon have to scream my name
Now every time that she come to the crib
I’ma break her back like I break that bank”

Based on what I’ve heard on this album I’m definitely voting Eric B. for a second term! He is just way too smooth with it!

Take a listen below and let me know if Eric Bellinger has your vote!

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