I met Wilhelmina model, Chris Moore, a few years ago in Miami and I immediately knew he was going to be the plug for new music when we both shared our interest in The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky.

When I first started toying around with the idea of “Model Mondays” for my blog, Chris was the first person to come to mind due to his aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram which showcases his eclectic sense of style plus he’s always reposting the dopest music on SoundCloud-whether it be new or old he always finds a gem I haven’t heard yet.

Check out my interview with Chris Moore below and be sure to follow him on IG and his SoundCloud page for some inspo.


Whats your favorite kind of music?

I like everything, but most of the time you’ll find me listening to either Hip-Hop or Deep House.

All time favorite Hip-Hop artist & why? 

That’s tough. I have to say Kanye West. I respect artists that can retain relevance and consistently make hits. He’s been the master of that for years. Kanye is also one of the most versatile artist in the game and is constantly pushing the envelope in music, fashion, and even politics.

Your go to song of the moment?

Kumbaya- Indica. The production is clean, simple, and I feel that almost anyone can vibe out to it.

What music platforms do you use to find new music? 

When Im lazy, I just check out what my friends post on Soundcloud, and pick out favorites from Discover Weekly on Spotify. The best songs I find are deep in mix tapes though.

According to the 6 pack I see you flexin’ on the gram you put in work at the gym, what are some songs that keep you motivated while hittin’ the weights?

I listen to a lot of Future when I work out in the gym. His songs like Wesley Presley, Salute, and Slave Master always get me hyped up. When Im running long distance I like to hear high tempo house from DJs like Dillon Francis and GTA. 


You have a dope fashion sense,does Hip-Hop music influence your personal style at all?

Hip-Hop has a huge influence on how I dress. A lot of the artist I listen to inspire what I wear and put me on to the latest trends. I follow most of them on instagram and take notes. I think Wiz Khalifa, A$AP, Future, Kanye, and Travis Scott have the best personal styles.

What are some of your favorite streetwear brands to rock?

Im a big fan of Supreme. They’re designs are always clean af, and each one gets replaced weekly which keeps the outfits you buy from there more exclusive. I’ve also been hitting up a lot of vintage shops to check out their rock tees lately.


If you could collab with any artist on a fashion line who would your top pick be? 

Wiz Khalifa all day. He knows how to perfectly blend rockstar and hip hop swag into one and make it look effortless.


I know a few models that have gotten into music themselves whether it be transitioning into a DJ or even putting out their own music, do you see yourself doing either one of the two or anything musically outside of modeling? 

I believe making a living off of music must be one of the most satisfying careers in the world. I could definitely see myself doing both at some point.


If you could describe your life right now with any track title,what would it be? 

“Know Yourself”. It’s a simple motto that keeps me rooted, humble, and prepared for any challenges life brings.


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